7 Rules For An Entertaining Strip Club Experience!

Pretty ladies, great booze, awesome ambience and amazing food – There is no denying that strip clubs offer a deadly mix. If you have never been to one, we recommend that you drop everything and plan your next weekend around these places. To be fair, you should consider visiting an elegant strip club in San Francisco Bay on a weekday for the first time. This just allows one to understand the whole ambience and what these places have on offer.

In this post, we are discussing the seven rules for an entertaining strip club experience.

  • Take enough cash. A lot of strip clubs still don’t accept plastic money, and while you can pay for the food and drinks with your card, you will still need cash for the strippers, waiters and bartenders.
  • Tip the strippers well. Strippers come close, offer a whiff of their body for one reason – cash. If you want to get their attention, you better tip them. This doesn’t mean that you have to tip every stripper, but yes, when you do, make sure that the money is enough. It depends on how upscale is the place.
  • Say a ‘no’ when you want to. If strippers come to you for a lap dance, be polite and say ‘no’, if that’s what you want. There is no harm is saying no, but we recommend that you experience it at least once. Most men head to strip clubs for that alone, although it is always a good idea to ask in advance about the charges. It is also possible to ask for a special song, which also comes for a fee.

  • Get a table. Most of the better gentlemen’s clubs do have table and special booths, and if you really want to have a gala time, spending on this service is recommended. You can even select the strippers, who will perform for you and your guests. You can also avail additional services, such as bottle service.
  • Be polite to the strippers. That’s an aspect that men often ignore. Strippers are not always regular escorts, and they must be respected. You are not allowed to poke fun, touch or kiss them, unless they offer the same.

If you behave well with the strippers and keep ordering your food and booze, you will never have a boring minute at any strip club. Check online for options now!

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